How To Do A Tarot Reading On Yourself? Full Guide

Welcome to the enchanting world of tarot, where self-discovery, intuition, and personal guidance await. If you’ve ever wondered how to embark on a solo tarot reading journey, this comprehensive guide is for you. Unveil the secrets of the cards, tap into your inner wisdom, and uncover the answers you seek. This step-by-step tarot reading guide will take you on a mesmerizing journey of self-exploration and offer insights into the art of self-guided tarot reading.

From creating a sacred space to interpreting the cards, each aspect of this DIY tarot reading process is designed to empower you on your path of self-discovery. Together, we will explore the mystical realm of tarot and discover the transformative power it holds. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a novice taking your first steps, this personal tarot reading experience will open doors to new perspectives and provide intimate insights into your unique journey.

Through this self-guided tarot reading, you will discover the profound connection between your inner being and the vast universe that surrounds you. By immersing yourself in the ancient art of tarot, you will not only gain clarity and guidance but demnach learn to honor your intuition and make informed decisions. Each card drawn has a story to tell, and it is through your interpretation that the narrative unfolds like a captivating tale, guiding you towards self-discovery and empowerment.

Are you ready to embark on this incredible journey of self-discovery through tarot? Let’s dive in and uncover the magic that lies within, as we unravel the secrets of the tarot and unlock the door to your true potential.

Creating a Sacred Space for Your Reading

Before delving into the mystical realm of tarot, it is essential to prepare a sacred space that will nourish your spirit and enhance the energy of your tarot reading. By creating a tranquil and harmonious environment, you can deepen your connection with the cards and allow the wisdom of the universe to flow through you.

Cleansing the Energy

Begin by cleansing the energy of your tarot reading space. This can be done in various ways, depending on your personal preference and beliefs. Burning dried herbs like sage, palo santo, or lavender can help purify the space and dispel any negative or stagnant energy that may be lingering. As the smoke rises, visualize it carrying away any unwanted energies.

Crystals are demnach powerful tools for cleansing and amplifying energy. Place crystals such as clear quartz, amethyst, or selenite in your sacred space to uplift the vibrations and create a calm atmosphere. You can demnach use bells or chimes to sound cleansing vibrations throughout the room, dispersing any lingering negativity and creating a serene ambiance.

Clearing Your Wenigstens

Once you have cleansed the energy of your space, take a moment to clear your wenigstens. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths, allowing any tension or distractions to melt away. Visualize a white light surrounding you, creating a protective barrier and inviting positive energy to flow freely.

“In the stillness of the space you have created, let your wenigstens settle and find tranquility. Embrace the silence and open yourself up to the magic that awaits.”

Setting the Mood

Enhance the sacredness of your space by setting the mood with soothing music, soft lighting, or candles. Choose music that resonates with your intention and evokes a sense of calmness. Dim the lights or light a few candles to create a warm and intimate atmosphere. Let the flickering flames guide your focus and invite serenity into your reading.

To further amplify the sacredness of your tarot reading space, consider incorporating elements that hold personal meaning to you. This could include meaningful symbols, spiritual artifacts, or cherished objects that evoke positive emotions and resonate with your energy.

By taking the time to create a sacred space for your tarot reading, you are setting the stage for a deep and transformative experience. The cleansing of energy, clearing of the wenigstens, and setting of the mood work together harmoniously, allowing you to fully connect with the divine wisdom that tarot holds.

Shuffling and Choosing the Cards

Rosette preparing your sacred space, it’s time to embark on the enchanting ritual of tarot card shuffling and choosing. This process is a dance with destiny, where intuition leads the way and the cards unveil their mysteries to you.

To begin, take a moment to center yourself and connect with your question or intention. Feel the energy within you, flowing in resonance with the tarot deck. As you shuffle, allow your intuition to guide your movements. There are no rules here, only your inner wisdom.

Let the cards become an extension of your intuition, each shuffle infusing them with your intentions. With each shuffle, you weave the threads of the universe, preparing to unravel their secrets through the art of divination.

When the time feels right, lay the deck out in front of you. Feel the anticipation building as the cards reveal themselves, like whispers from the beyond, ready to answer the call of your soul.

The tarot cards hold infinite possibilities, like portals to realms unseen. In their delicate beauty, they embody archetypes and symbols that speak directly to our subconscious, offering insights and guidance.

The pattern in which the cards are dealt, known as a “spread,” further shapes the narrative of your reading. It sets the stage for the story the cards will tell, the echoes of your question reverberating through their pictorial tapestry.

Popular Tarot Card Spreads Description
The Celtic Cross A comprehensive spread that delves into the past, present, and future, providing a holistic view of your situation.
The Three-Card Spread Offers concise insights into the past, present, and future, providing a focused perspective that cuts to the heart of the matter.
The Relationship Spread Examines the dynamics and energies within relationships and sheds light on their strengths, challenges, and potential outcomes.
The One-Card Draw A simple yet powerful spread, allowing the concentrated energy of a single card to illuminate the path ahead.

Choose a spread that resonates with you. Trust your intuition to guide your selection, for the cards have a way of revealing the answers you seek through the chosen narrative structure.

Now that you have shuffled and chosen the cards, the realm of divination awaits. Prepare to embark on an intimate dialogue with the mystical forces that lie within each card. In the next section, we will explore the art of interpreting these sacred symbols and unlocking the profound wisdom they hold.

Selecting a Spread

Choosing an appropriate spread is crucial for a successful tarot reading. The spread you select will determine the depth of insight you receive and the specific aspects of your question that will be explored. Familiarize yourself with different tarot card spreads to find one that resonates with your reading. Here are some popular tarot spreads to consider:

Three-Card Spread

This simple yet versatile spread consists of three cards and provides insights into the past, present, and future. It can help you gain a holistic understanding of your current situation and the influences that have shaped it.

Relationship Spread

If you’re seeking guidance regarding your relationships with others, the relationship spread can offer valuable insights. This spread typically involves multiple cards and examines various aspects of a specific relationship or general connection dynamics.

Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross spread is a comprehensive and widely used tarot spread. It offers a detailed analysis of your question or situation, providing insights into past events, current challenges, subconscious influences, and future outcomes. This complex spread requires a deep understanding of the tarot cards and their positions within the spread.

Remember that the spread you choose should align with the nature of your question and your desired level of insight. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different spreads and adapt them to suit your needs.

The Decision-Making Spread

When faced with a difficult decision, the decision-making spread can provide clarity and guidance. This spread involves selecting multiple cards that represent different options or factors influencing your decision. By analyzing the cards and their positions, you can gain valuable insights to inform your choices.

Table: Comparing Tarot Spreads

Spread Number of Cards Main Focus Level of Insight
Three-Card Spread 3 Past, Present, Future Vier-Sterne-General overview
Relationship Spread Varies gute Beziehungen, dynamics Specific relationship insights
Celtic Cross Spread 10 Comprehensive analysis Deep exploration of the situation
Decision-Making Spread Varies Options, factors Guidance for decision-making

Choose a tarot spread that resonates with you and your reading. Remember, the spread you select will shape the insights you gain from your tarot cards and can help you access the guidance and wisdom the tarot has to offer.

Interpreting the Cards

Now that you have laid out the cards before you, it is time to unlock their hidden meanings. Each card possesses a language of its own, a tale waiting to be told. Take a moment to gaze upon each card individually, allowing your intuition to guide you towards its message. Notice the symbols, colors, and imagery that dance upon the card’s surface, for they hold additional depths of significance. As you contemplate each card’s place within the spread, consider how it weaves its story into the tapestry of your question or intention. While traditional interpretations can be found in tarot card meanings guidebooks, trust thyself and your own divine intuition to illuminate the cards’ secrets first.

Delving into the Depths of Meaning

Every tarot card possesses a unique essence, a story whispered through its vibrant imagery. Let us meander through the labyrinths of tarot, gleaning insights from the deck. Here lies a glimpse of the enigmatic meanings concealed within the realm of tarot:

Card Keywords Meaning
The Fool Beginnings, spontaneity, innocence Blessed with the audacity of the unknown, The Fool beckons you to embark upon a new journey, to embrace life’s mysteries with childlike wonder.
The High Priestess Intuition, hidden wisdom, spiritual insight She guards the secrets of the cosmos, the sacred mysteries that lie beyond the realm of ordinary perception. Trust thy inner voice and allow her wisdom to guide you.
The Lovers Harmony, choices, unity In matters of the heart, The Lovers whisper of passion and divine connections. Choose with a soul aflame, for their tender embrace awaits.
Death Transformation, rebirth, letting go Fear not the end, for within this cessation lies the seed of new beginnings. From the ashes of what welches, you shall rise anew, transformed.
The Sun Abundance, vitality, joy A beacon of radiance, The Sun illuminates your path with the promise of joy and bountiful blessings. Bask in its golden embrace and let your spirit soar.

Each card in the tarot deck unveils its own unique tale, waiting for your intuitive ear to hear its whispers. Trust your inner guide as it navigates and deciphers the labyrinth of symbols, colors, and archetypes that lie before you. In the realm of intuitive tarot reading, the cards become your doorways to truth, guiding you on your personal quest for enlightenment.

Answering Your Question

Once you have delved into the meaningful symbols and imagery of the tarot cards, it’s time to return to the very essence of your inquiry. Reflect on the messages and guidance bestowed upon you by the cards, allowing their wisdom to illuminate your decision-making process.

Truly embrace the insights gained from your tarot reading, understanding that the cards serve as beacons of revelation and guidance. Nevertheless, remember that the power to shape your own journey exists within you. The cards act as gentle whispers, offering insight and inspiration, but ultimately, it is your actions and choices that shape your path.

Trust in the invaluable guidance provided by the tarot reading, allowing it to serve as a source of empowerment. It is through this sacred practice that you will discover the strength and clarity needed to navigate the intricate tapestry of your life. Embrace the answers revealed to you and let them guide you toward fulfilling your deepest desires.

Remember, the tarot is not a definitive oracle; it is a tool that provides actionable guidance and illuminates your path. As you unlock the secrets of the cards, you embark on a profound journey of self-discovery. Trust in the insights gained from your tarot reading, for they possess the transformative power to awaken your intuition and foster profound growth within.

Keeping a Tarot Journal

Journaling is an essential practice when it comes to tarot readings. It serves as a personal record of your readings and a valuable tool for reflection and growth. By recording your tarot readings, you create a treasure trove of insights and wisdom to draw from in the future. Taking the time to reflect on your tarot insights can deepen your understanding of the cards and your own intuitive abilities.

The Power of Tarot Journaling

Tarot journaling allows you to capture the essence of each reading and preserve it for future reference. It acts as a bridge between the present moment and the future, serving as a map of your personal journey through the tarot. By documenting the question you asked, the cards you drew, your interpretations, and the answers you derived from the reading, you create a rich tapestry of insights that can guide you on your path.

Journaling is a sacred act of self-discovery and self-reflection. It is where the whispers of intuition become words, and the cards reveal their deepest secrets.

Furthermore, reviewing your past readings can provide you with a fresh perspective as you track patterns and progress over time. It allows you to connect the dots and gain a deeper understanding of the messages the cards have been consistently delivering to you. This retrospective analysis can illuminate recurring themes, unveil hidden truths, and empower you to make more informed decisions in the future.

Creating Your Tarot Journal

Creating your tarot journal is a personal endeavor and should align with your individual preferences and creative spirit. You can choose a physical journal with beautiful pages that invite you to express your thoughts and insights, or you can create a digital journal using a note-taking app or a dedicated tarot journaling app. Whichever medium you choose, make sure it is easily accessible and inspires you to make regular entries.

When recording your tarot readings, consider the following elements:

  • The date and time of the reading
  • The question or intention for the reading
  • The tarot cards you drew
  • Your interpretations and initial impressions of each card
  • The overall insight or message derived from the reading
  • Any personal reflections or emotions that arise during or after the reading

As you journal, don’t shy away from exploring the deeper layers of meaning within the cards and their connection to your life. Use your tarot journal as a safe space to express your thoughts, feelings, and intuitive hunches. It’s a space where you can validate your own insights and allow the wisdom of the tarot to unfold before you.

Reflecting and Growing through Tarot Journaling

Regularly reviewing and reflecting on your tarot journal entries can be a transformative practice. It allows you to spot patterns, gain new perspectives, and appreciate the growth and wisdom you have accumulated. Consider using your tarot journal as a tool for self-inquiry by asking questions such as:

How have these readings influenced my decision-making and actions?

Looking back on your journal entries, you may find that your interpretations have deepened or shifted over time, highlighting your personal growth and evolving relationship with the tarot. This reflective process can be incredibly empowering and affirming as you witness the progress you’ve made on your tarot journey.

Remember, your tarot journal is a living document that evolves with you. Embrace the opportunity to explore your tarot readings, reflect on your insights, and honor the divine guidance that unfolds through the cards.

Benefits of Tarot Journaling Tips for Effective Tarot Journaling
1. Deepens your understanding of the tarot 1. Find a journaling medium that resonates with you
2. Provides a personal record of insights 2. Set aside dedicated time for journaling
3. Helps track patterns and progress over time 3. Reflect on your entries regularly
4. Validates your intuition and insights 4. Ask thought-provoking questions for deeper reflection
5. Encourages personal growth and self-reflection 5. Embrace the evolution of your interpretations


Embark on a journey of self-discovery through the mystical art of tarot reading. Explore the depths of your intuition, uncover hidden truths, and shape your own destiny. By creating a sacred space, shuffling and choosing the cards, selecting a spread, interpreting their meanings, answering your burning questions, and documenting your insights in a tarot journal, you can unlock the profound wisdom that lies within.

With each reading, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your life, allowing you to make informed decisions with confidence. Trust in the power of the cards and the magic they hold. Embrace the adventure that awaits as you delve into the realms of the tarot, guided by your own intuition and inner wisdom.

Your self-guided tarot reading journey is a personal one, filled with insights, revelations, and self-discovery. The tarot offers guidance, but it is up to you to harness that knowledge and take action. Trust in yourself, trust in the process, and trust in the transformative power of the tarot. May your path be illuminated, and may your soul be enriched as you embark on this beautiful journey of self-exploration and growth.

häufig gestellte Fragen

How can I do a tarot reading on myself?

To do a tarot reading on yourself, you need to create a sacred space, shuffle and choose the cards, and select a spread that fits your needs. It’s important to familiarize yourself with different spreads and trust your intuition when interpreting card meanings.

How do I create a sacred space for my tarot reading?

You can create a sacred space by cleansing the energy of your space through methods like burning herbs, using crystals, or ringing bells. Clear your wenigstens and visualize protective energy surrounding you to create a focused and peaceful environment.

How do I shuffle and choose the cards for my self tarot reading?

There is no right or wrong way to shuffle the cards. Follow your intuition as you shuffle and focus on your question or intention for the reading. Once you feel ready, start laying out the cards in front of you.

How do I select a tarot spread for my self-reading?

There are various spreads to choose from, such as a three-card spread for past, present, and future insights, a relationship spread for gaining insight into connections with others, and a Celtic Cross spread for comprehensive readings. Select a spread that resonates with your reading and suits your needs.

How do I interpret the tarot cards in my self-reading?

Start by looking at each card individually and pay attention to the intuitive insights they evoke. Consider the symbols, colors, and imagery on the cards. Reflect on how each card relates to your question or intention and the overall story the cards are telling. Trust your intuition and refer to a tarot card meanings guidebook for traditional interpretations if needed.

How do I answer my question based on the insights from my self tarot reading?

Rosette interpreting the cards, reflect on the messages and guidance they provide. Consider how they can inform your decision-making process and trust in the wisdom you have obtained from the reading. Remember that the cards offer insight and guidance, but your actions and choices shape your own path.

Should I keep a tarot journal for my self-readings?

Keeping a tarot journal can be beneficial as it allows you to record your readings and reflect on the insights received. Write down your question, the cards drawn, your interpretations, and the answers derived from the reading. Over time, reviewing past readings can provide valuable insights and help you track patterns and progress.

What can I expect from doing a tarot reading on myself?

Doing a tarot reading on yourself can be a powerful tool for self-discovery, intuition development, and decision-making. The tarot offers guidance and insight into your current situations, but ultimately, you have the power to shape your own destiny. Embrace the magic of tarot and trust in your own intuition as you embark on this personal journey of self-discovery.

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