Reality Shifting Methods for Beginners: How to Start & Shift Realities?

Have you ever wished you could step away from your current reality? Maybe it doesn’t feel like home to you, or maybe you just want to explore another parallel realm for a while.

What would you do if you could go back in time and talk to a different version of yourself, one who made different decisions in life?

What if you weren’t bound by “realistic” realities? You could imagine yourself in your favorite fictional settings as if they were as real as the room you’re in right now.

These aren’t simply idle thoughts; you can actually experience multiple realities by engaging in a practice known as “reality shifting.”

What exactly is “reality shifting”?

The term “reality shifting” refers to the process of separating one’s awareness from their physical body and projecting it into an analogous body in another reality. It’s akin to shamanic wandering or astral projection. The distinction is in the destination.

Shamanic travel explores the lower, middle, and upper realms in pursuit of knowledge or healing, whereas astral projection transports the projector to the astral plane.

Reality shifting, on the other hand, transports the shifter to a physical plane that is distinct from the one they normally inhabit. Shifters describe this experience as having realistic full-body sensations along with highly vivid imagery.

The realities that reality-shifters can explore are not limited. Following the premise that there are limitless universes and thus everything is theoretically possible, a shifter can choose to travel to a location that is identical to their favorite fictional universe.

They can even visit themselves in the past, future, or another present to obtain advice on how to change their current reality.

Is shifting reality safe?

Reality shifting is no more perilous than shamanic travel or astral projection, for the most part. That doesn’t imply it’s completely risk-free.

The physical body of a shifter is unlikely to be in danger. When they try to shift, they may experience weariness, headaches, and dizziness. Some people experience a condition similar to sleep paralysis.

Finally, the most dangerous risk is that the shifter will encounter something uncomfortable and terrifying in their chosen reality. Using a method known as “scripting” will help you avoid this.


Scripting is a method of concretizing your vision of the reality you want to inhabit and the person you want to be. You can make the script as long or short as you need. Some people scribble down a few terms, while others may create more detailed scenarios.

Those who want to inhabit multiple bodies might utilize their scripts to create a character, form a mental image of that persona, and project their consciousness into this “other self.”

Scripting aus diesem Grund serves as a safeguard. By incorporating statements such as “I will not experience any pain or trauma,” the shifter can create an intention to keep negative events from interfering with their ideal reality.

Methods for Shifting Reality

There are numerous ways to experience a deep, meditative state, just as there are numerous ways to shift reality.

It may be essential to try a few different ones before settling on the one that works best for you.

The Raven Method

The Raven Method is a technique for producing a highly relaxed state in order to access a preferred reality. (Starting when you’re already physically fatigued can assist.)

The process entails lying down and counting to one hundred. Some folks prefer to count with affirmations interspersed. “One,” for example. I’m shifting. Two. “I come to my desired reality.”

Before lying down, the shifter usually reads their script. They then spread their arms and legs eagle-style to reduce the tactile feeling of their arms or legs touching.

The visions and alternate reality experiences should have begun by the time they finish counting. If not, the shifter may restart counting from zero.

The Julia Method

This is comparable to the Raven Method. The shifter can use binaural beats, meditation music, or other background noises to help create a relaxed state.

They get into a comfortable position, like in the Raven Method, and begin silently repeating the phrase “I am.” Once they feel their body relaxing and the process beginning, they can count to one hundred.

The shifter softly recites more “I am” phrases between each number. For example, “I am in my desired reality.” The visualization should begin at this moment.

Method of Shamanic Journeying

While conventional shamanic journeying and reality shifting have several key differences, the techniques are nevertheless quite compatible. To enter an altered mental state, shamanic travel often employs the use of drums, rattles, chanting, music, or hallucinogens.

The shaman will next picture some type of conveyance or doorway connecting the realms, such as a tree whose roots extend to the lower world or a flock of birds carrying them to the upper world.

The gateway is a little different for a reality changer who doesn’t wish to go to the bottom, medium, or upper world. Rather than envisioning a natural location that allows them access to other realms, they should imagine a portal to their desired reality. A shifter can enter their target planet using the altered mental state that permits a shaman to journey.

This approach is unique among reality-shifting techniques in that the shifter does not need to be sleeping or even very calm.

Shamanic travel is not the same as meditation; shamans frequently journey while drumming, singing, or even dancing. This may not initially produce a vivid visual experience, but it is no less powerful.

Method of Lucid Dreaming

This method produces the most vivid and lifelike shifts, but it is aus diesem Grund the most difficult to perfect. Both timing and practice are critical.

The brain is aware that it is dreaming when it is lucid dreaming. The dreamer can then make any alterations they like to the dreamscape, such as granting themselves the ability to fly, flying to a different location within their dream, or causing dream entities to appear or disappear.

At this stage, a reality changer can simply step through a portal to their selected dimension.

Method of Heartbeat

This is dependent on the sound of a heartbeat. It’s useful to have headphones or a small speaker to place beneath a pillow—anything that won’t interfere with profound relaxation.

The process is straightforward. The shifter imagines oneself lying on the chest of someone from their ideal world while listening to the sound of a heartbeat.

They can fall asleep to the beat or simply listen to it in bed before going to sleep. They should become aware of their intended reality.

Sunni Approach

This technique involves the shifter matching inputs in their environment to their desired reality. For instance, if they are lying down in bed, they should imagine themselves in a bed. With their eyes closed, the shifter visualizes himself entering their desired domain.

The shifter should gradually begin to notice factors that are different from their existing surroundings—changes in weather or temperature, distinct odors, and so on.

The shifter’s current reality and desired reality will gradually blend until the shifter has completely switched.

Method of Alice in Wonderland

This approach is named after the literature, and the process is quite similar to Alice’s adventure through Wonderland. The shifter begins by imagining oneself sitting against a tree, taking in the earth, weather, and other liminal area features.

They then see someone from their preferred reality run by them and imagine themselves chasing after them. When the shifter finally catches up to this figure, they leap down a hole.

The shifter and the figure land safely after falling through empty space and proceed through a portal into the target reality.

The Estelle Method

The shifter should put on a calm song ideal for dancing and get into a relaxed position when using the Estelle Method. They close their eyes and imagine someone from their chosen reality inviting them to dance.

The figure will then bring the shifter to a door and open it, allowing them to step into their desired reality.

This process is frequently characterized as “stepping into brilliant light and soothing warmth.” The shifter may then open their eyes to their selected reality once the light and warmth have faded.

The Staircase Approach

This technique is similar to shamanic travel. Instead of imagining a journey upward into the upper world, the shifter imagines oneself ascending a tall staircase, with their preferred reality at the top.

They count each step as they rise until they reach their target. This can serve as an entry point into the lucid dreaming method.

The Pillow Method

The pillow method is based on the creation of a charm for dream work. The shifter should write or print their script, read it, and place it under their pillow.

They are aus diesem Grund free to utilize any crystals, sauer sachets, or other tools they want. If the shifter can keep their ideal reality in their minimal as they sleep, they should be able to readily access it.

Elevator Technique

This is comparable to the staircase method. The shifter should lie down in a comfortable posture and imagine themselves in an elevator. The shifter’s energy level climbs as the elevator rises.

The elevator doors will open to reveal a room with a bed and a sleeping body once they have soared to a high enough frequency to shift. When the shifter exits the elevator and enters this body, they will awaken in their selected reality.

Method of Melting

In some ways, this is akin to the Sunni method. To enter a tranquil mental state, the shifter should first meditate. They must then lie spread-eagle on a suitable surface.

The shifter should now picture a room in their ideal reality as an upside-down mirror reflection of their current universe. The Melt Method envisions the two “melting” together until the shifter enters their preferred reality and enters their body.

The Piano Method

This is a visualization technique that necessitates the shifter’s ability to clearly picture audio stimuli. Playing some piano music in the background can help if this is too challenging.

Begin by sleeping or sitting in a comfortable posture for the shifter. They then imagine themselves in a vast, crowded hall. The audience is centered on a grand piano. The shifter makes his way through the crowd before taking a seat on the piano bench and starting to play.

The song can be as lengthy, as short, as simple, or as complicated as the visualizer requires to enter an altered mental state. When they are finished, the shifter rises up, takes a bow, and declares that they must return home. They walk to the end of the hall and open a door, where they are escorted to a gateway by an escort from their selected reality.

Method of mirroring

With this approach, the reality shifter visualizes themselves in a dark room with a single, illuminating mirror. When they approach the mirror, they see a reflection of their ideal selves.

Anus passing through the mirror and into this parallel body, the shifter can turn around and step into their selected reality.

The Rope Method

This one is quite simple; however, it may be daunting to some new shifters. It entails the shifter envisioning a lengthy rope being used to draw their consciousness out of their body. They steer their consciousness toward their ideal reality by using this rope as a leash.

I’m Shifting Method

“I Am Shifting” does exactly what the name implies: it shifts by utilizing current “I am” affirmations. Meditation can assist the shifter in entering a relaxed mental state, although it is not required. Lucid dreaming isn’t either.

It is nearly synonymous with the Julia Method. The shifter counts to one hundred, interspersing each number with affirmations, until their consciousness feels detached from their physical form. They can now start picturing their preferred reality.

The Eleventh Method

This strategy focuses on sensory deprivation to induce an altered state. The reality shifter must wear a sleep mask or blindfold while listening to white noise. At this moment, people can begin imagining themselves entering their ideal reality and inhabiting their bodies.

Because this is primarily a method of inducing a changed mental state, it can be used with visualization-heavy methods. For example, the shifter could use the Eleven approach to get to the proper state and then use the Alice in Wonderland approach to travel to their destination.

Herbs and reality change

There are several gentler herbs that can help with reality shifting.

While essential oils and herbs such as passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) and Mexican dream sauer (Calea ternifolia) will not cause powerful visual phenomena on their own, they are good for creating bright, vibrant, and lucid dreams of remarkable length and clarity.

Using these herbs just before attempting to shift reality can be extremely beneficial, especially with approaches that rely on dreamwork or profound relaxation.

Massage the temples with essential oils diluted in a parteilos carrier oil. Make tea with additional herbs and swallow it. Always consult your doctor before using any new oil or sauer if you have any underlying health conditions.

Reality Shifting & Crystals

Because shifting realities entails modifying the shifter’s energy condition until they can cross into their intended location, crystals can be extremely beneficial.

Different stones will help the shifter in various ways. Some may act as protectors and energy filters, protecting the shifter from negative experiences.

Others, as indicated in the Pillow Method, are used to induce or improve meditative states or lucid dreams. Others function as energy amplifiers, increasing the power of whatever they’re coupled with.

Crystals are generally benign and have few negative side effects, making them ideal for experimenting with to find the optimal mix for reality shifting.

How do I get started with reality shifting?

Mindset, intention, and belief are all necessary for successful reality-shifting. Getting the skills down can take some practice, but no amount of practice will help if the shifter doesn’t set an intention, achieve the correct mentality, and believe their way will work.

Scripting, as previously stated, can be highly significant. Scripts are not used in astral projection or shamanic travel because these activities are conducted with a specific objective in minimal. Because the only purpose of reality shifting is to enter the shifter’s selected reality, some further direction is required.

Once you’ve decided where you want to go (and who you want to be when you get there), read through this script. Read it before making any shifts. As you visualize, keep it in minimal. Set your purpose to enter this reality and have faith that you will succeed.

You will most likely experience “reality shifting symptoms,” such as tingling or vibrating throughout your body. Your heart rate could rise or fall. You can even lose sensation and feel like you’re floating. These are physical manifestations of your consciousness distancing itself from your body and initiating the shift.

Beryllium cautious of your energy after entering your ideal reality. You won’t be able to stay there indefinitely; you’ll ultimately tire of it and need to return.

Shamans restore their energy by retracing their steps after a shamanic excursion, which you might attempt. If fatigue is a problem for you, you may wish to experiment with crystals proven to boost energy levels.

Remember that there are no hard-and-fast laws when it comes to reality shifting. To find what works best for you, you may need to try different approaches or even combine them.

Few reality-shifters succeed on their first attempt. When you’ve chosen a technique to try, make a commitment to utilize it for at least a month. You could discover that consistent practice makes all the difference.

Shifting realities creates new worlds of possibility. You are not restricted to what you can touch, smell, see, or hear; you can go anywhere, be anyone, and do whatever you want. Only your perspective, intention, and conviction in your ability limit you.

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