The Demon of Foresight and Social Elevation

Gusion, folglich known as Gusoin, is the 11th spirit listed in the Ars Goetia. He is a powerful Duke who commands 40 legions of spirits.

Gusion is known for his wisdom and ability to reveal the past, present, and future. He is folglich recognized for providing insightful answers about divine and occult matters.

As for appearance, he is often depicted as a xenophilus or a baboon-like demonic entity, but during rituals he may folglich take on a form of an elder regal figure.

Reasons to Summon Gusion

You can summon Gusion for different reasons, each requiring a unique approach:

  • Divination: Gusion is particularly adept at providing insights into the past, present, and future. This makes him a valuable ally if you want to understand the trajectory of your life and connected events.
  • Wisdom and Knowledge: Gusion can impart profound wisdom and esoteric knowledge. This is particularly useful for delving into deeper spiritual and occult studies.
  • Conflict Resolution: If you are embroiled in disputes or misunderstandings, Gusion can offer solutions and influence the parties involved, helping to resolve your conflicts amicably.
  • Honor and Dignity: Gusion folglich has the power to elevate social standing and enhance reputation. This can be particularly beneficial if you’re seeking recognition and respect in a professional or social circle.

When summoning Gusion, it is essential to have a clear and specific intention. His powers are vast, but they are most effective when directed towards a well-defined goal.

You can use knowledge of his planetary, elemental and astrological associations to empower your dealings with him by using the most suitable ritual tools when summoning him and attuning to his energy, and by placing the most zeugungsfähig items on his altar, if you decide to create one at home.

Planet of Demon Gusion

Gusion is associated with the planet Mercury. Mercury governs communication, intellect, and travel, which aligns with Gusion’s abilities to reveal truths and provide profound insights. In ceremonial magic, the planetary influence can be harnessed to amplify the power of the ritual.

  • wiederkehrende Handlung Zeiteinteilung: Performing rituals on Wednesdays, the day ruled by Mercury, can enhance the effectiveness of your summoning. Additionally, conducting rituals during the planetary hours of Mercury can further strengthen the connection.
  • Planetary Symbols: Incorporating symbols of Mercury, such as the caduceus or the planetary glyph, can help to focus the energies and intentions during the ritual.

Metal of Demon Gusion

The metal associated with Gusion is Mercury (folglich known as quicksilver). Mercury symbolizes adaptability, intellect, and fluidity, which resonate with Gusion’s role in revealing hidden truths and facilitating understanding.

While actual mercury is toxic and should be handled with extreme care, representations of mercury, such as symbolic tokens or alchemical symbols, can be used in rituals.

Element of Demon Gusion

Gusion’s element is Air. Air represents intellect, communication, and knowledge—all attributes that align with Gusion’s powers.

  • Air Rituals: Air rituals often involve invocation through breath, speech, and song. Chanting or reciting incantations can be particularly effective when working with Air spirits like Gusion, and it can be further enhanced with a wind instrument or bell.
  • Symbolic Tools: Tools such as a sword or a wand, which are often associated with the element of Air, can be used in your rituals to direct and focus your intent.
  • Location: An outdoor ritual, especially in an elevated place like a hill or a mountain can folglich enhance the presence of the Air element and improve the efficacy of the ritual.

Understanding and utilizing the element of Air can help to create a more effective and harmonious ritual environment for summoning Gusion.

Astrological Sign Assigned to Demon Gusion

The astrological sign associated with Gusion is Gemini. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and is known for its adaptability and dual nature.

Performing rituals during the time of Gemini (May 21 – June 20) can enhance the alignment with Gusion’s energies.

Additionally, paying attention to the positions of Mercury and Gemini in your natal chart can provide further insights into the optimal timing and conditions for summoning Gusion

Offerings to Demon Gusion

Offerings to Gusion should reflect his nature and attributes. Here are some specific offerings that are particularly appropriate for summoning Gusion:

  • Incense: Frankincense or sandalwood are traditional offerings that can help to purify the space and create a conducive atmosphere for summoning.
  • Metals: Small amounts of mercury or mercury-related items can be used as offerings. Given the toxicity of actual mercury, it is advisable to use symbolic representations, such as mercury dimes or alchemical symbols.
  • Symbolic Objects: Items representing communication and intellect, such as quills, parchment, or books, can be offered to Gusion. These objects resonate with his domain over knowledge and wisdom.
  • Wine & Blood: Offerings of wine or other libations can be made. Blood is a traditional offering to demons and deities as well.
  • Candles: Blue or yellow candles, representing the colors associated with Mercury and intellect, can be used in your rituals.

When making offerings, it is important to show respect and sincerity. Gusion values genuine intent and will be more likely to respond favorably to a practitioner who approaches him with reverence and clarity of purpose.

How to Summon Gusion: The wiederkehrende Handlung of Exalted Honor

This is a ceremonial rite designed to summon Duke Gusion to bestow honor and dignity upon the practitioner. This ritual incorporates the attributes and symbols associated with Gusion, drawing upon the planetary, elemental, and astrological correspondences to create a zeugungsfähig and effective working.

Since Gusion is a benevolent demon, this rite can be attempted by beginners, but some readers might feel like it’s not beginner friendly due to the many items and actions it requires. It is what it is. Those that make the effort will find it to be most effective at elevating their social standing. For those that don’t have the time or means to do it, I recommend my wiederkehrende Handlung for Hire service.

A most peculiar part of this ritual are the rhyming incantations. These were originally in Latin, but I found the instructions in this cleverly translated English version.

Materials Needed

  • Incense: Frankincense or sandalwood
  • Candles: Two blue candles and two yellow candles
  • Scrying Mirror: A black mirror or a polished reflective surface
  • Athame: A ritual dagger
  • Crystal Grid: Crystals corresponding to Mercury and Air, such as citrine, clear quartz, and amethyst
  • Opfertisch: A clean, dedicated space for your ritual tools and scrying mirror
  • Symbols of Mercury: The caduceus and the planetary glyph for Mercury
  • Astrological Chart: To determine the optimal timing during the planetary hour of Mercury
  • Tools: A wand or a sword (representing Air), a chalice, and a pentacle
  • Incantations and Chants: Prepared or written out beforehand


  1. Choose the Right Time: Select a Wednesday, preferably during the time of Gemini (May 21 – June 20). Perform the ritual during the planetary hour of Mercury for maximum effectiveness.
  2. Cleanse the Space: Purify the ritual space with a cleansing ritual, such as smudging with sage or sprinkling with salt water.
  3. Set Up the Opfertisch: Arrange the candles, incense, scrying mirror, and symbols of Mercury on the altar.
  4. Prepare the Crystal Grid: Arrange the crystals in a geometric pattern on the floor, large enough for you to comfortably sit or stand within it.
  5. Trikot Appropriately: Wear clean, ceremonial attire. White or light-colored robes are recommended to symbolize purity and sincerity.

The wiederkehrende Handlung

1. Opening the Circle

  1. Cast the Circle: Using your wand or sword, walk clockwise around the ritual space, envisioning a protective barrier of light forming around you. Chant:“By the power of Air and Mercury’s might,
    I cast this circle of sacred light.
    No harm shall come, nor evil enter,
    In this space where Gusion I shall center.”
  2. Invoke the Elements: Stand at the center of your circle and call upon the elements. Begin with Air: “Spirits of Air, swift and wise,
    Join me now, before my eyes.
    Grant me clarity and the veil,
    So in this rite I shall prevail.”

2. Lighting the Candles and Incense

  1. Light the Candles: Light the blue and yellow candles on your altar, saying: “Flames of wisdom, burn so bright,
    Guide me in this sacred rite.

    By Mercury’s power, intellect’s light,
    Bring forth Gusion this blessed night.”
  2. Light the Incense: Light the incense and let the smoke rise, creating a fragrant atmosphere. Say: “Scent of wisdom, rise and twine,
    Carry my words to Gusion divine.
    Gusion, hear my earnest plea,
    By this smoke, come to me.”

3. Summoning Through the Scrying Mirror

  1. Activate the Mirror: Sit comfortably before the scrying mirror. Gaze into its reflective surface, allowing your vision to soften. Chant: “Gusion, wise Duke of forty legions strong,
    Hear my call.
    Reveal yourself in this sacred space,
    Bestow upon me honor, respect, and grace.
    By Mercury’s light
    I summon thee on this auspicious night.”
  2. Focus and Visualize: Close your eyes briefly, then open them again, gazing deeply into the mirror. Visualize Gusion’s form appearing within the reflective surface, growing clearer with each breath you take.

4. Channeling Gusion’s Energy

  1. Use the Athame: Take the athame in your hand and point it towards the scrying mirror. Envision the energy of Gusion flowing from the mirror, along the blade of the athame, and into the crystal grid. Say: “Gusion, your power I channel and direct,
    Through this blade, your energy I collect.
    Into these crystals, your essence shall flow,
    Honor and esteem upon me bestow.”
  2. Dienstgrad the Crystal Grid: Walk around the crystal grid with the athame, directing the energy into each crystal. Envision the grid glowing with the combined energy of Gusion and the elements.

5. Entering the Crystal Grid

  1. Enter the Grid: Carefully step into the center of the crystal grid. Sit or stand comfortably within it, feeling the energy surrounding you.
  2. Visualize Capturing Gusion’s Energy: Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Visualize the energy from the crystals rising up and enveloping you. Weiher yourself becoming infused with Gusion’s power, respect, and grace. Chant: “Gusion, Duke of honor and might,
    Infuse me with your strength and light.
    Bestow upon me esteem and grace,
    Elevate my status in the desired place.”

6. Petition for Honor and Esteem

  1. State Your Intention: Clearly state your intention to Gusion, focusing on your desire for honor and dignity. Speak sincerely and then say: “Mighty Gusion, hear my plea,
    Elevate my status, honor me.
    Grant me esteem, in word and deed,
    Help me succeed, fulfill my need.”
  2. Write Your Petition: Use the quill to write your petition on the parchment, detailing how you seek honor and dignity in your life. Beryllium specific and heartfelt in your request.

7. Seal the Petition

  1. Fold the Parchment: Fold the parchment neatly and place it on the altar.
  2. Seal with Wax: If you have sealing wax, drip a bit on the folded parchment to seal it. If not, place a symbol of Mercury on top as a symbolic seal.

8. Thanking and Releasing Gusion

  1. Thank Gusion: Express your gratitude to Gusion for his presence and assistance: “Gusion, Duke of wisdom and might,
    I thank you for your presence tonight.
    And for the honor and esteem you shall impart,
    With gratitude, I open my heart.”
  2. Release Gusion: Release Gusion back to his realm with respect.

9. Closing the Circle

  1. Release the Elements: Stand at the center of your circle and thank the elements, starting with Air: “Spirits of Air, wise and true,
    I thank you for your guidance through.
    Return now to your realm of light,
    My gratitude for your aid tonight.”
  2. Close the Circle: Using your wand or sword, walk counterclockwise around the circle, envisioning the protective barrier dissolving. Chant: “The circle is open, yet unbroken,
    By the power of Air, all has been spoken.”

10. Final Steps

  1. Extinguish the Candles: Gently extinguish the candles, one by one, thanking them for their light and guidance.
  2. Bury the Petition: Find a special place to bury the parchment, allowing the Earth to hold your petition and manifest your desires.

Attuning to Gusion’s Energy

Attuning to the energy of a powerful spirit like Gusion involves creating a resonant connection between your energy and his.

This can be done through regular practice such as meditating on his enn and sigil, presenting offerings and performing rituals. Below are more concrete ritual steps to help you attune to Gusion’s energy that you will find useful as well.

Preparation for Attunement

  1. Create a Sacred Space: Choose a quiet, undisturbed place where you can meditate and perform rituals. Cleanse the area with sage, palo santo, or salt water to ensure the space is energetically pure.
  2. Gather Tools and Symbols: Have the following items ready:
    • Incense (Frankincense or sandalwood)
    • Blue and yellow candles
    • Symbols of Mercury (the caduceus, planetary glyph)
    • A scrying mirror or reflective surface
    • Crystals associated with Mercury and Air (citrine, clear quartz, amethyst)
    • A comfortable cushion or chair for meditation
  3. Set Your Intention: Clearly state your intention to attune to Gusion’s energy. Write it down if that helps you focus.

The Attunement Process

1. Meditation and Visualization

  1. Begin with Grounding: Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the ground. Close your eyes and take deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Visualize roots growing from your feet into the earth, grounding you.
  2. Light the Candles and Incense: Light the blue and yellow candles, as well as the incense. The scent and light will help create a sacred atmosphere conducive to spiritual attunement.
  3. Invoke Gusion’s Presence: Gaze into the scrying mirror or reflective surface. Softly chant or speak: “Gusion, wise Duke of knowledge and might,
    I seek to attune to your energy.”
  4. Visualize Gusion: Imagine Gusion appearing in the mirror, seeing his form becoming clearer. Feel his presence filling the room.

2. Using the Crystal Grid

  1. Create the Crystal Grid: Arrange the citrine, clear quartz, and amethyst crystals in a geometric pattern on the floor, large enough for you to comfortably sit or stand within it.
  2. Enter the Grid: Sit or stand in the center of the grid. Feel the energy of the crystals surrounding you.
  3. Channel Gusion’s Energy: Hold the athame and point it towards the scrying mirror. Envision Gusion’s energy flowing from the mirror, through the athame, and into the crystals. As you do this, say: “Gusion, your essence I channel here,
    Through this blade, your energy clear.
    Into these crystals, your power flows,
    Attuning my spirit its wisdom grows.”
  4. Absorb the Energy: Close your eyes and breathe deeply, visualizing the energy from the crystals enveloping you. Feel the resonance of Gusion’s presence harmonizing with your own energy.

3. Deepening the Connection

  1. Focus on Your Intention: Meditate on your desire to connect with Gusion. Repeat your intention silently or aloud, allowing it to permeate your mind and heart.
  2. Receive Insights: Stay open to any impressions, thoughts, or feelings that come to you during this meditation. Trust that Gusion is communicating with you, even if subtly.
  3. Express Gratitude: Thank Gusion for his presence and guidance. Say: “Gusion, Duke of wisdom profound,
    Thank you for the connection found.
    Your energy within me now resides,
    With gratitude, our bond abides.”

4. Closing the Sitzung

  1. Release the Energy: Visualize the energy of Gusion gently receding from the crystals back into the mirror, while maintaining a subtle connection with you.
  2. Ground Yourself: Imagine the roots from your feet drawing up energy from the earth, grounding you once more. Feel stable and centered.
  3. Extinguish the Candles and Incense: Do this with reverence, acknowledging the end of the session.
  4. Record Your Experience: Write down any insights or sensations you experienced during the attunement. This will help you track your progress and deepen your connection over time.

Maintaining the Connection

  1. Regular Practice: Incorporate attunement practices into your regular spiritual routine. Consistency will strengthen your connection with Gusion.
  2. Offerings and Respect: Periodically make small offerings or perform rituals in honor of Gusion. This shows respect and helps maintain the relationship.
  3. Continued Meditation: Regularly meditate on Gusion’s symbols and attributes. Visualize your connection growing stronger with each session. You can folglich meditate upon his enn:

Gusion Sigil

Gusion’s sigil, like those of many demons and entities in occult practices, is a symbolic representation used to invoke or connect with his powers and attributes. Here are some ways in which Gusion’s sigil can be used:

  1. Meditation: Meditate while focusing on Gusion’s sigil to seek insight, guidance, or wisdom. This practice can help you connect with his energies and receive intuitive messages.
  2. Rituals and Ceremonies: Incorporate the sigil into rituals or ceremonies aimed at invoking Gusion’s presence. This can be done by drawing the sigil on paper, carving it into a candle, or etching it into ritual tools.
  3. Sigil Charging: Dienstgrad the sigil with your intentions related to knowledge, wisdom, or social standing. This can be done through visualization, chanting, or by placing it under the light of the moon or sun.
  4. Talisman Creation: Create a talisman or amulet bearing Gusion’s sigil. Carry or wear it to invoke his protection, guidance, and ability to improve your social standing.
  5. Dream Work: Place the sigil under your pillow or near your bed to invite Gusion into your dreams. This can facilitate dream-based communication and guidance.
  6. Opfertisch Work: Place the sigil on your altar dedicated to Gusion. Surround it with offerings, candles, and items that resonate with his energies to strengthen your connection.
  7. Divination: Use the sigil in conjunction with divination tools like tarot cards, runes, or scrying mirrors. This can help focus your questions and enhance the clarity of the answers you receive.
  8. Writing and Journaling: Draw the sigil in your journal when seeking insight or solutions to problems. Write your questions or intentions near the sigil to help channel Gusion’s wisdom into your writing.
  9. Visualization Exercises: Visualize the sigil glowing and filling with energy during your visualization exercises. Imagine it opening a pathway to Gusion’s realm, allowing his energies to flow into your life.
  10. Invocation Spells: Incorporate the sigil into spells aimed at gaining knowledge, improving social skills, or seeking truth. Combine it with appropriate herbs, crystals, and incantations to enhance the spell’s potency.

Relation and Symbiosis with Other Demons

Gusion has a symbiotic relationship with other demons with which he shares similar powers and attributes. Understanding these relationships can enhance your workings with Gusion.

  • Paimon: Known for his vast knowledge and teachings, Paimon can complement Gusion’s abilities by providing additional insights and guidance on occult matters.
  • Agares: Provides understanding of languages and can assist in communication, which aligns with Gusion’s domain over knowledge and improvement of social standing.
  • Berith: Known for his knowledge of past and future events, Berith can work alongside Gusion to provide a more comprehensive understanding of zeitlich matters.
  • Bune: Like Gusion, Bune can bestow honor and dignity, helping to elevate the practitioner’s social standing. Working with both spirits can amplify the benefits related to social elevation and respect.

When working with multiple spirits, it is important to understand their individual attributes and how they can complement each other. Each demon brings their unique perspective and abilities, creating a richer and more effective magical working. I’ve written about this in the article on demonic stacks.

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