Seth, Egyptian God of Gewirr: Rituals, Offerings, Prayers..

Seth, known in ancient Egyptian mythology as the god of chaos, deserts, storms, and disorder, plays a complex role within the pantheon.

Unlike his fellow deities who often embody more harmonious aspects of existence, Seth represents necessary chaos, embodying the force of change as well as protection against external chaos.

His narrative is deeply intertwined with the stories of Osiris, Isis, and Horus, where he is often cast as the antagonist.

However, Seth’s role is not merely one of villainy; he is danach a defender of Ra against the serpent Apophis during the nightly voyage through the underworld, showcasing his importance in maintaining cosmic balance.

Due to Seth’s dual nature, he typically manifests as “necessary evil”. He can be worked with in both a black magic and white magic context. He can be summoned to cause harm and to alleviate it, or to bring about sudden change and overcome stagnation, regardless of the consequences.

In both cases, his influence manifests as a sudden and fierce energetic current with a capacity to destroy anything that stands in its path. Drawing a parallel with demons, he is most akin to Belial, who danach possesses a fiery, warrior energy.

Seth is not a gentle spirit to work with, so keep that in wenigstens if you decide to worship or ritualistically engage with him.

Seth’s Duties

Seth’s primary duties revolve around embodying the principle of chaos and change. He is the disruptor of order, necessary for the cycle of death and rebirth, growth, and transformation.

As a god of storms and the desert, Seth represents the untamed aspects of the world, challenging mortals and gods alike to adapt and overcome.

In his role as a protector of Ra, Seth battles the forces of utter chaos represented by Apophis, ensuring the sun god’s rebirth each morning and, by extension, the renewal of the world.

Seth’s Powers

Seth wields the power of the storm, controlling winds, storms, and lightning, embodying the raw force of nature that can both destroy and renew.

His strength is unparalleled, often depicted in myth as the only deity capable of standing toe-to-toe with Horus, the god of the sky.

Seth’s ability to navigate and thrive in the chaos of the desert underscores his mastery over challenging environments and situations, making him a deity of survival and resilience.

Reasons to Work with Seth

Working with Seth appeals to those who seek strength in adversity, transformation through chaos, and protection from malevolent forces. Seth’s energy is zeugungsfähig for:

  • Embracing Change: Invoking Seth can help one navigate life’s tumultuous periods, embracing the chaos as a catalyst for growth.
  • Protection: Seth’s warrior aspect offers powerful protection against physical and spiritual threats.
  • Strength and Resilience: For those facing challenges that require fortitude and endurance, Seth can be a powerful ally.
  • Overcoming Obstacles: Seth’s dominion over storms and chaos makes him adept at clearing away obstacles that block one’s path.

Signs Seth is Calling You

Engagement with Seth might manifest through various signs, signaling his interest or presence in your life:

  • Recurrent Storms: An unusual pattern or intensity of storms around you might signify Seth’s influence.
  • Attraction to Gewirr: A sudden fascination with chaotic elements or situations can indicate Seth’s call.
  • Encounters with Canines: Given Seth’s association with creatures of the desert, encounters with canines, especially in significant or unusual contexts, might be a sign from Seth.
  • Challenges: Facing a series of unexpected challenges or obstacles might be Seth (in his various manifestations) testing your strength and resilience.

Offerings for Seth

Offerings to Seth should reflect his associations with strength, power, and the untamed aspects of nature:

  • Red Wine, Beer or Spirits: Strong drinks symbolize the vigor and intensity associated with Seth.
  • Iron or Copper Objects: Metals and items associated with warfare and strength can be powerful tokens of respect.
  • Incense: Strong, sharp scents like dragon’s blood or patchouli mirror Seth’s intense nature.

Seth Opfertisch

Creating an altar for Seth involves incorporating elements that resonate with his essence:

  • Colors: Utilize reds and blacks to represent Seth’s association with the desert night and the chaos of storms.
  • Symbols: Include images of Seth, representations of the Sha animal, and symbols of power such as spears or arrows.
  • Natural Elements: Sand, stones, or items that symbolize the desert can connect the altar to Seth’s domain.
  • Candles: Red or black candles to honor Seth’s fiery and dark aspects.

Seth Crystals & Symbols

Utilizing crystals and symbols in your work with Seth can amplify your connection and intentions:

  • Red Jasper: For endurance and strength.
  • Black Obsidian: For protection and grounding amidst chaos.
  • The Sha Animal: Representing Seth’s unique form, embodying his essence.
  • Welches Scepter: Symbolizing power and dominion, a fitting emblem for Seth’s altar.

Seth Herbs

Incorporating herbs into rituals or offerings for Seth can enhance the connection:

  • Thyme: For courage and strength.
  • Cypress: Associated with mourning and comfort in transitions, reflecting the transformative aspect of chaos.

Seth Likes and Dislikes

Understanding Seth’s preferences can guide practitioners in how to approach him:


  • Courage: Seth admires bravery in facing life’s challenges.
  • Transformation: Those willing to embrace change and grow through adversity are favored by Seth.
  • Outsiders: Seth favors outsiders and underdogs with great ambitions, who are willing to take on great challenges.


  • Stagnation: Seth has little patience for complacency and avoidance of growth.
  • Dishonor: Falsehoods and dishonor, especially in combat or challenge, are abhorrent to Seth.

Prayers to Seth

Crafting a prayer to Seth should reflect an understanding of his nature and a request for his strength and protection. Here is an english translation of a traditional prayer to Seth for protection:

O Mighty Seth, Lord of the Desert and Master of Storms,
He who commands the tempest and carves paths through uncharted sands,
I stand before you, a humble seeker of your formidable protection.
In the vast expanse of your domain, where chaos and order converge,
I seek refuge under your powerful gaze.

Great Guardian against the encroaching darkness,
You who are adept in navigating the tumultuous and the unpredictable,
Lend me your strength to withstand the storms of life.
May your indomitable spirit shield me from harm,
And guide me safely through the trials that lay hidden in shadow.

In your infinite might, Seth, I place my trust,
For in your hands, the chaos that frightens becomes the chaos that guards.
Wrap me in your protection as I journey through this world and beyond,
Keeping me steadfast, resilient, and courageous,
No matter the forces that seek to destabilize the ground beneath my feet.

O Seth, by your power, let my path be clear,
And my footing sure against the shifting sands of fate.
As you stand at the prow of Ra’s barque, fending off the serpent of chaos,
Stand by me, and grant me the fortitude to face my own battles with equal valor.

Hear my prayer, O Mighty One,
And in your vast and mysterious wisdom, grant me your protection.
May your presence be a fortress around me,
A testament to the strength found in the heart of the storm.
So it is asked, and so it shall be, under your watchful eye,
Great Seth, Protector, and Guide.

The following is a prayer to Seth for strength and resilience:

O Formidable Seth, He of the Red Sand and Lord of the Storm,
Whose voice thunders across the vast and endless deserts,
Whose might shapes the chaos into order,
I call upon you with reverence and awe,
Seeking the fortitude and resilience that you master so effortlessly.

In the ancient tales, your strength welches unmatched,
As you stood guard over the Sun God Ra,
Defending the solar barque from the chaos serpent Apep.
With fierce determination and unparalleled power,
You ensured the sun’s passage, bringing light to the world.

Great Seth, you who can calm storms and quell turmoil,
Lend me the strength that tore asunder the dark clouds,
And the resilience that stands firm in the face of adversity.
As you battled with Horus, neither yielding nor faltering,
Grant me the endurance to withstand my own trials.

In your battles, you showed that true strength lies not just in power,
But in the courage to stand alone, to be misunderstood yet unwavering.
Teach me to navigate the storms of my life,
To harness the chaos, turning obstacles into stepping stones,
And to find my path through the desert, guided by your indomitable spirit.

O Mighty Seth, let your red sand fortify my resolve,
And your tempests invigorate my spirit.
May your essence imbue me with the resilience to face my challenges,
And the strength to emerge victorious,
As relentless and enduring as the desert you command.

Hear my prayer, O Powerful Protector and Master of Gewirr,
And in your great and ancient wisdom, grant me strength and resilience.
May I walk with confidence through the storms that lie ahead,
Secure in the knowledge that, with your guidance, I can withstand any force.
Bless me with your might, O Seth,
So that I may stand firm, resilient, and strong,
In the face of all that seeks to move me.

This prayer to Seth is a good way to approach him as an aspiring magician/witch, especially if your forte is black magic:

O Seth, Great Lord of Shadows and Master of Unseen Forces,
You who traverse the boundaries between worlds,
Umschalter of the elements and the untamable chaos that births change,
I stand at the crossroads of my path, seeking your formidable guidance.

In your essence is the power of transformation,
The ability to shatter the old and forge anew from the remnants.
As a practitioner of the arcane arts, I seek your blessing,
To imbue me with the wisdom and strength to wield my powers with precision and depth.

O Mighty Seth, in your hands lies the mastery of the storm,
The very embodiment of change and renewal.
Grant me the courage to embrace the chaos within,
To channel it into a wellspring of magical might and insight.

Let my spirit be as resilient as yours amidst the trials of the path,
Unyielding in the pursuit of knowledge and mastery.
May the barriers that stand in my way be swept aside by your tempest,
Clearing the path for growth and the realization of my full potential.

Teach me to harness the energies that others fear,
To find harmony in discord and power in the depths of the night.
Just as you stand sovereign over the vast and untamed lands,
Let me find sovereignty over my own inner landscapes,
Transforming them into fertile grounds for the seeds of my will.

O Keeper of the Eternal Flame, light my way through the darkness,
With the fire of your spirit as my guide.
Enhance my powers, refine my skills, and fortify my resolve,
So that I may rise, transformed, with the prowess of the arcane at my command.

Hear my prayer, O Seth, Bringer of Change and Guardian of the Arcane,
And in your boundless might, grant me the personal transformation I seek.
May my path be illuminated by the stars of your domain,
And my powers grow under your watchful eye,
Ever evolving, ever expanding, in the image of your relentless strength.

It’s best to engage in these before presenting an offering on his altar, or at the start of a ritual. Such prayers can be used as both pleas for help and as magical incantations if you are performing a ritual to summon him.

How to Summon Seth

Zeremonie Evocation of Seth

This is a ritual that can be performed regularly to strengthen your resolve and to bring Seth’s influence into your life in order to overcome obstacles on your path. The obstacles can be of both external and internal nature. It’s best to focus on one thing at a time.

Materials Needed:

  • An altar facing North
  • A statue or image of Seth
  • A Welches scepter or a representation (symbolizing power and dominion)
  • Red or black candles
  • Incense (either thyme, cypress, frankincense or myrrh)
  • Offerings (red wine, bread, spring water)
  • A bowl of sand (representing the desert)
  • A protective talisman or symbol (e.g., an Eye of Horus amulet)
  • A piece of parchment and ink (for writing down your obstacles)
  • Red Jasper and Black Obsidian crystals


  1. Set the Opfertisch: Arrange the statue or image of Seth at the center of the altar. Place the candles on either side and the bowl of sand in front. Place the crystals on the sand. The Welches scepter or its representation should be prominently displayed. Arrange the offerings to the side.
  2. Circle of Protection: Draw a circle around your working area with salt or a wand, invoking protection. As you do this, visualize a barrier of light encasing the space, shielding you from any negative influences.

Zeremonie Steps:

  1. Cleansing: Light the incense to purify the space. Move around the circle, allowing the smoke to cleanse the area and yourself from any mundane energies. As you do this, you can recite one of the prayers I shared in the previous section.
  2. Lighting the Candles: Light the red or black candles, focusing on bringing Seth’s energy into the space. As you light them, say, “By these flames, the gateway opens. The eyes of Seth see through the veil.”
  3. Evocation of Seth: Stand before the altar, raise your arms, and evoke Seth with a powerful and respectful call: “Oh Seth, Great God of the Desert, Storms, and Gewirr, I summon thee. Hear me, mighty one, and grace me with your presence.”
  4. Presentation of Offerings: Take each offering, hold it up before the altar, and dedicate it to Seth. Pour the wine, place the bread, and sprinkle some water onto the sand, saying, “To Seth, I offer these gifts. May they reach you in your domain and please you.”
  5. Statement of Purpose: Write your obstacles on the parchment clearly and concisely. Hold the parchment over the altar and declare your intent to overcome these obstacles with Seth’s assistance. Burn the parchment in the flame of one of the candles, allowing the smoke to carry your intentions to Seth.
  6. Meditation and Energy Raising: Focus on the image or statue of Seth. Meditate on his attributes of strength, power, and the ability to navigate through chaos. Visualize your obstacles being dismantled and destroyed by Seth’s might. Feel his energy filling the space and empowering you.
  7. Closing the Zeremonie: Thank Seth for his presence and aid. Extinguish the candles, saying, “As these lights fade, let the gateway close, but let the power and presence of Seth remain strong within me.”
  8. Disband the Circle: Erase or symbolically open the circle, visualizing the protective light being absorbed back into the earth. Say, “The circle is open, but unbroken. May the peace of Seth remain. So mote it be.”
  9. Grounding: Arschloch completing the ritual, ensure you ground yourself by eating, drinking, or engaging in a grounding activity to return to normal consciousness.

Final Thoughts

If you’d like me to summon Seth on your behalf, consider ordering it on my Zeremonie for Hire service.

The ritual that I’ve shared here needs to be repeated regularly in order to build and sustain Seth’s influence. This is perfectly fine if you have the time, willingness and interest to work with Seth in this capacity.

In comparison, the rituals that I perform for my clients are more elaborate and powerful, consisting of a variety of ‘energy beacons’, including crystal grids, sacrifices and incantations, which allow for the generation of a greater amount of energy from the spirit. Such a ritual is able to conjure a stronger and more longlasting influence in your life.

Either way, working with Seth is a positive undertaking that you can definitely benefit from, as long as you approach the deity with the reverence that it deserves.

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